Updated: Bq Aquaris M10 Tablet Unboxed and Reviewed – Videos Included

Updated with more reviews in English Ubuntu’s Convergence and its capabilities certainly took us by surprise when Canonical showcased it at MWC 2016; the Bq M10 is by all means the first official device to tout this convergence in all it’s glory which utmostly, is an exciting advancement for Linux enthusiasts all over the world.

Here’s What’s New in Ubuntu Mate 16.04 LTS

Ubuntu Mate happens to be one of the official flavors of Ubuntu and launched together with the main Ubuntu distribution with the Unity DE and the rest of the flavors which debuted yesterday the 21st of April as originally scheduled. As it happens, Ubuntu Mate features the Mate DE that is supposed to give you

Mozilla Prepping to go all Snappy on Ubuntu 16.04

Snappy package management (which is an alternative to deb) in it’s infancy was merely a concept with potential and nothing more; It has however matured greatly ever since its inception and it’s the default package manager for Ubuntu’s embedded system and the IoT. A couple of months back, Canonical announced its plans to make an

Kodi Jarvis 16.1 Maintenance Version is Released

The popular used-to-be XBMC (Kodi) cross-platform multimedia solution has been in an active development for the good part of two months for version 16.1 codenamed Jarvis during which it received two release candidate builds. Jarvis 16.1 is essentially a maintenance release for version 16.0 as it mainly brings about bug fixes; moreso, Kodi’s Martijn Kaijser

Kubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus Overview

Ubuntu and it’s derivatives became official last week Thursday and there was more showcased in the LTS release of the mother Unity release than we’ve seen a while. While we’ve covered what’s new in Ubuntu 16.04 Xenial Xerus with Unity, we’ve also covered the Mate flavor and now we have Kubuntu as the next subject.

Ubuntu 16.10 Yakkety Yak Release Schedule Revealed

We were only starting to relieve ourselves of Xenial Xerus’s release but Canonical doesn’t want to get off the press just yet as Mark Shuttleworth announced the codename for the Ubuntu 16.10 operating system (the same day) scheduled for launch in the later part of the year – specifically October 20, 2016. Ubuntu 16.10 is

Purple Hangouts is a Pidgin Plugin For Hangouts With More Functions

Pidgin is a renowned IM client for Linux and probably the most used too. The application comes as a default install in many Linux-based distributions and is extremely handy in managing multiple services all at the same time without faulting. Just recently we learned that there’s a libpurple plugin called Purple Hangouts that features support

Meizu Pro 5 is Now Official on the Third-Party Online JD Store For $370

Canonical’s Ubuntu Touch is still in its infancy given that it was only introduced officially as a product two years ago but that hasn’t stopped the platform from garnering attention in the tech industry, especially among Linux enthusiasts. So far, the company has four devices running it’s Ubuntu Touch mobile operating system out of the

Velt OS is an Arch-Based Distro That Adheres to Google’s Material Design

Google’s Material design language has been the inspiration for more than a few projects out there and the ideology behind the design is nothing short of awesome and it’s matured greatly over the years from the Lollipop era. Material design continues to be featured in Google’s Mobile operating system which is Android and its Chrome