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3 Best GUI-Enabled USB Image Writer Tools on Linux

USB writer tools are essential softwares that enable you to write Linux images onto USB drives, so you may run a live system or install an operating system onto a PC or multiple systems. These tools are usually minimalistic and there are more than a few of them out there; however, I’ve chosen those which

3 More VoIP Alternatives to Skype

Skype is a very well known voice over IP service that is as well cross-platform, the client on Linux however, it is rather unpleasant to use and mostly buggy with way fewer features than its counterparts on other platforms. Previously I covered Ring which is a secure cross-platform alternative to Skype, but then there are

6 Material-Inspired Themes/Icons for Your Linux Desktop

What is a Linux desktop if it ain’t filled with eye candy? Here we have a list of Material inspired/flat-feeling Themes and Icons to beautify the GUI of your system so you may customize it to your hearts’ content. While there are more than a few themes and icons that will effectively function with your

6 Most-Used AUR Helpers For Arch Linux

Arch Linux is a lightweight, flexible and independently developed general purpose GNU/Linux distribution. And if there is a unique and special distribution of Linux, then it has got to be Arch Linux. Experienced users can build their very own Arch Linux system from the ground up. Recommended Read: 10 Reasons to Use Arch Linux What

All You Need To Know About Ubuntu Scopes

One thing differentiating Ubuntu Linux from other Linux distributions is its desktop environment, this was one thing I found interesting about Ubuntu, when I had just moved from Windows. The Ubuntu desktop environment, Unity is a unique and unified experience like other popular DEs like GNOME, KDE, and many others. In their quest to improve user experience,

Chalet OS is a Modern Distro With a Slightly Reworked Xfce DE – Now on 16.04 LTS

ChaletOS, which “came from the style of the mountain houses in Switzerland” is a beautifully-crafted Linux distro that aims to ease the transition of users from other operating systems (specifically Windows) to Linux. While this concept is not new, it has been one of the things that drive the Linux industry towards usability, user-friendliness. and

Create Animated GIFs Using GiftedMotion On Linux

A Graphics Interchange Format otherwise known as GIF is a standardized format that supports both animated and static images. GIFs are popularly used in social media and are resourceful when it comes to describing an event in a short time frame, creating comedy shorts among many others. There are already a more than a few notable online-based

Discover Ring, a Secure Cross-Platform Alternative to Skype

In a world where Skype dominates as the preferred choice for VoIP communication, it’s an ultimate license for the conglomerate (Microsoft) behind the proprietary service to misbehave and, of course, decide to update it or NOT. If you’re on Linux, you’ll be well aware that the Skype client sucks hard as it never packs as

eMod OS is Looking to be the Windows 10 of Linux

In a world where Linux distributions are in their hundreds, you’d be hard pressed to take a peek into the pithole of distros every once in a while to see what’s new no matter how satisfied you are with the one you’re running. And so did I today and unsurprisingly, there’s something new, a distro

Etcher – A Modern USB and SD Card Image Writer Tool for Linux

If you have been like me looking for alternative image burners to use in Linux apart from the ones commonly mentioned then, here is an easy-to-use and also stylish application for you and yes, those are the exact words to describe this application called Etcher. Etcher is an open-source and cross platform application, so it